WSU Statement
Web-Sites Unlimited
35 Summit Street
Hicksville, N.Y. 11801
(516) 660-1068

Work Order
Balance Due
Park Side Restaurant
107-01 Corona Ave.
Corona, N.Y. 11368
Download, Resize, Upload & Link 116 Photos To Dinner Menu (@ $ 5.00 each)
Link 104 Photos To Lunck Menu (@ 2.50 each)
Balance Due $840.00

Dated: Monday, 9/17/07

All payments are due when work is ordered.
Updates, additions & removals take up to 24 hours.
Make check payable to Dominick Lauriano.
See Price List for prices on all additional services that may be needed in the future.
If Credit Card expires or if there is a problem with payment, there is a $50.00 processing fee to update Credit Card information.

Park Side Signature & Date

Dominick Lauriano & Date