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Best Italian restaurant in Queens!! 08/20/2007 Posted by tgoldbloom
I went to Parkside for the first time on Monday night. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. For so many years whenever I wanted good food or to go to a "fancy" restaurant I always went to Manhattan. Well not anymore! We got right in and sat at one of their tables in the garden room which is great if you're looking for a romantic evening. I had the tilapia stuffed with crabmeat that was just delicious! The portions are huge and the prices were much less than I expected. I will definitly be back:-)
Pros: great service
Cons: none
Great atmosphere, ambiance, food, wines 08/08/2007 Posted by ivanworking
This restaurant is a wonderful choice for anyone who loves Italian cuisine. Food and wine menus satisfy basic to finicky palates (with prices to match), however, getting in is a problem. I would love to go there more frequently, however, this place is always crowded and reservations from 5 to 9 PM are almost impossible. I recommend trying this place with one other person because it's easier to get seated. I believe you will enjoy, it's worth it. Pros: Great food and wine list.
Cons: Tough to get in
The best Italian ever!! 10/12/2006 Posted by jenny680
Delicious. I can't stop raving about this place to friends. I went there last week and ordered fresh oysters, crab cake, Linguine Vongole and a T-bone steak. All were wonderful. My linguine was cooked to perfection.. left me yearning for more. Prices were incredibly reasonable ... I';d even pay more to eat there b/c it is so delicious!! DEFINITELY make reservations.
Pros: WONDERFUL FOOD, good value for money
Cons: Must make reservations
My new favorite restaurant 09/04/2006 Posted by bebbeface
I went to Parkside this past weekend for the second time, and it did not disappoint. The food and service were excellent. The food is excellent, the portions are large, the prices are very reasonable, and the entire staff was courteous and professional. I have absolutely zero complaints. I look forward to my next visit.
Pros: Excellent food, ambience, service and value
Cons: Zero
The Best 04/07/2006 Posted by dnjtriolo
We love it there. They have great bread and appetizers to start, the greatest seafood risotto and you can never get better veal spedini then there. It is still one of the only authentic Italian restaurants around. Classy waiters and staff.
Pros: Inexpensive, Delicious, Classy
Cons: Small Waiting Area
rom a Young Girl to a Grown Woman 12/27/2005 Posted by amartre
I have been going there for almost 25 years now and I feel like I have grown up there. Great food, wonderful staff and an atmosphere to die for. Great for a casual dinner or wonderful for first dates (I have had many there). You have to have a great glass of wine followed by either a huge bowl of pasta or fish that will melt in your mouth. Dessert can not be missed either and that's coming from a daughter of a French Pastry Chef. It is Number 1 in my mind and in my heart. Enjoy and Bon Appetite.
Pros: Great Valets, Great Service, Great Wine List
Favorite place to dine! 12/13/2005 Posted by sunspot
My family and I have been enjoying dinner at this place for years. It is our favorite restaurant. Great food and great service. It is VERY popular, so be sure to make reservations.
Pros: great food, great service, valet parking
Cons: none
Exceeded Expectations 12/05/2005 Posted by kedheim
This restaurant was recommended by a a matter of fact, he made the reservation for us and said we would not be disappointed! We weren't! The prices were CHEAP compared to the quality of service and food. We liked it so much, that we will always make it a point to dine here when we visit New York.
Pros: Friendly staff
Cons: Small waiting area
You can't go wrong 06/28/2005 Posted by dd16
If you're looking for excellent food, above-average service, and great prices, this is the place for you. The meal and whole dining experience is incredible, coupled with the charm of the old-time Italian guys playing bocci ball in the park across the street, and the Corona lemon-ice King up the block.
Pros: Food, Service, Valet Parking
Cons: None
Parkside is AMAZING 01/07/2005 Posted by astoria01
My boyfriend and I discovered Parkside two years ago and celebrate events from graduating to my birthday (tonight). We loving enjoying the best italian or seafood dishes one can find. Queens is definitely a place that should not be docked. Try living outside your box and take an adventure.
Casual Class 06/12/2004 Posted by flittlehouse
Parkside is "fancy" enough to bring a date or business client but casual enough and priced right for your weekly "I don't feel like cooking tonight" dinner.
Pros: Food, Atmosphere
Cons: , Crowded at times
The real thing 06/08/2004 Posted by manuelalberto
True sibaritic experiences are not found in Manhattan but in Queens; Manhattan catters to the American palate while this "boro" has real ethnic and honest places like Park Side. Although not a classic italian, I dare you to find seafood fresher, juicier and plumpier like the one that is served amongst fetuccini, inside raviolis or SIMPLY RAW LIKE THE BEST OYSTERS I EVER TRIED INCLUDING all THE PACIFIC RIM AND Half Shell oysters in KW. Tiramisu is special here. For coffee try a cafe romano in a big demitase cup, with its sugar lined rim and ask "Epi" to do the fireworks on it: a touch of Sambucca and the ignition of lemon peel (and human nails, sometimes). For the best seat, ask for the "Manuel Vargas table", looking at the garden where the tomatoes are harvested.
Pros: Seafood, Price, Parking
Classico! 12/01/2003 Posted by nitebeat
Park your trench coat at the coat check and be prepared for fine dining, expert / attentive table service and a delectable cuisine. Warm, comfortable surroundings, nice appointments (witness the etched glass and brickwork separating the dining rooms). Great food at REASONABLE prices, makes for an evening that can't be beat! Want to impress? Definitely go here!!! NOTE: Plan ahead, make a reservation and arrive early - parking is tight in the area - valet service is available if all else fails! Enjoy!!!
Pros: Great Food, Great Service, Great Atmosphere
Cons: Tight Area Parking
Good Italian Restaurant 03/03/2003 Posted by andmarky
This is a beautiful restaurant. I was hesitant about going because I didn't think it could be that great since it was in Queens but I was totally thrown off when I arrived. The owner is very friendly and accomodating for reservations way in advance.
Pros: valet parking, romantic, Service
LOVIN-IT 12/31/2002 Posted by Suehas3
To speak of the Park Side, words can not describe. The well mannered, pleasant staff that "Tony" has in his employ. You are treated just like royality. There is nothing more pleasant than that. The food is spectacular, from the appitizers to the main course, and then of course the desserts, (WOW) you'll need no more. I just wonder how you can have such a delicious meal for such little money. When my husband and go there, we spend $60.00 (have LOBSTER TAILS UMMMMM need I say more) I can't say any more, it a place you'll never forget If you never go, you'll miss "A Meal" of your life time
Pros: Great Food, Wonderful Staff, Great Cooks
Cons: Need Reservations :(, l
Bravo 11/29/2002 Posted by ragazzo
Out of the hundreds of Italian restaurants in Queens, this is among the best. The shrimp scampi was excellent and the antipasti were plentiful. It is expensive but well worth the money. If you venture off the island of Manhattan and can't seem to find a great Italian restaurant, drive to Corona.
Pros: Terrific food, Friendly staff, Great wine list
Cons: Small parking lot, Expensive
Bring your wife or mistress 11/01/2002 Posted by jbcny
View all the celebrities on the walls while eating some good italian food served by professional well-dressed waiters. Reservations should be made. This place is romantic, quiet, and dimly lit- food is very good also.
No place compares 08/26/2002 Posted by suntat
If you want great food, service and decor for a very reasonable price, you must go to Park Side. Everything I've eaten has been incredibly tasty. Never a bad dish. A must try is the shrimp and lobster risotto. All other risotto pales in comparison. The crab cakes are the best I've had anywhere. I'm always shocked when the bill comes because it's so inexpensive. Be prepared for a semi-Sopranos crowd, but I think it just adds to the ambiance. It's usually hard to get a reservation at a normal hour so call way in advance or be prepared to eat at 5:00 or 10:00.
Pros: great food, valet parking, inexpensive
The Best 08/06/2002 Posted by flotation123
Go here. Classy, inexpensive, high quality. I must say if you like Italian you will feel like you are sitting in the Godfather here. It is so so so good and so classic.
Pros: THE BEST, Inexpensive, Never Leave Hungary
Cons: In Corona
Fuggetaboutit! 07/25/2002 Posted by genie728
Parkside is situated in the small section left of Corona that keeps it's Italian roots. With Bocce (sp) Ball playing across the street and the amazing Lemon Ice King of Corona, Parkside is great. The dishes are reasonably priced and the restaurant is very nice instead. The Veal Sorrentino is great and so are the seafood dishes. Don't knock Queens. Parkside rules.
Wonderful 07/24/2002 Posted by suethefox
Parkside stands the test of time, I used to be a regular Friday night customer 20 years ago and the food, service and decor was superb then and to my delight is just as wonderful today! My compliments to both Owner and Staff!
italy in queens! 06/03/2002 Posted by dcd915
I have eaten there for 20 years and never had less than a very good meal and service to match. The menu is solid and the specials are always delicious. Try the crab cakes you wont be able to compare them!
Pros: consistent quality, variety of specials
Cons: a little loud